Kirigami: convergence with Desktop as first-class

Presented by Marco Martin


Kirigami is a framework built on top of QML and QtControls2 that aim to make easier for applications to implement a modern design language for both desktop and mobile systems, providing features that base QML and QtQuickControls don’t have.
Within the KDE project our main goal, front and center is and always was providing a top notch desktop experience, even tough recently we are interested in mobile as well.
QWidgets is a very complete desktop UI framework, but unfortunately it’s quite behind the times, being mostly based on software rendering and with and also outdated looking look and feel of its components. On the other hand, QML is a fully-featured modern graphics engine for 2D GUI perfect for mobile and embedded user interfaces, but still somewhat lacks in components and features that traditional desktop productivity applications need.
Kirigami aims to make the life easier for the developer to build good looking QML-based desktop (and not only) applications.
The talk will go over the architecture of Kirigami, the challenges in QML that we worked around, those challenges that are still unsolved problems.

Marco Martin

Marco Martin started contributing in KDE in 2008 and has been an active contributor ever since. currently, he is maintainer of the Kirigami framework and co maintainer of the KDE Plasma Desktop.

He currently works for Blue Systems currently serving as CTO.

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