Call for Papers


Qt Desktop Days is an online event for developers creating desktop software, mainly – but not exclusively – with Qt.

Presentations should be as relevant and interesting as possible to our audience. We welcome proposals related to any aspect of desktop software development, as long as they:

  • bring practical knowledge to the attendees
  • discuss the unique technical challenges of creating desktop applications
  • are about Qt and/or about best practices that can be applied in any desktop project.

Example topics for talks

If you are unsure what topics fit this conference, here are a few examples of what we look for:

  • In-depth technical discussion of Qt features
  • Cross-platform desktop development using Qt
  • Widgets vs Qt Quick on the desktop
  • Automated testing strategies
  • User Interface and User Experience designs
  • Practical experience using Qt on real-world desktop applications

We encourage you to share, among your successes, also bad experiences and wrong decisions. Talking about our mistakes (and not only our achievements) can make us grow and learn!

The goal of the conference is to provide concrete, applicable insights that relate to desktop software development with Qt. For example, a talk like “Here’s what Qt should steal from WForms” could be accepted while a talk like “Styling WxWidgets applications” is off-topic.

Talks about theoretical or conceptual aspects of programming unrelated to the above topics may be not considered for this format (as interesting as they may be).

The elevator pitch

The chances of your proposal getting accepted depend on the quality of your abstract.

While we don’t need to see your entire presentation in advance, your abstract should be detailed enough to make the committee members able to assess your talk on its merits. Therefore, your abstract should make the committee members understand what your talk will be about, what specific topics will be discussed, which limitations the proposed approach has (if applicable; e.g., is it platform specific?), and so on. If the talk was already presented in the past, please mention so, and possibly discuss what is going to be different since the last time it has been presented.

Especially important are the takeaways from your talk. What will the audience learn? How will it improve the attendee’s everyday life as software developers using Qt on the desktop?

Remember that the goal of the conference is to improve the technical skills of the participants, so your talk should help us achieve that.


Presentations are 40-45 minutes long, followed by 5-10 minutes for Q&A, for a total of 55 minutes maximum. Due to the virtual nature of the event, we will be enforcing these limits, so please rehearse your speech to make sure it fits the time frame.
Each presentation will be live-streamed and recorded. The video recordings will be redistributed freely (on multiple video hosting platforms).

Although we prefer live talks, you could apply for a pre-recorded talk if there’s a specific reason for this. In the case of a pre-recorded talk: please add this specifically to the application and we will contact you to help organize it. You will still participate live in the presentation of your talk as well as the Q&A.


Due to at least part of the session being live-streamed, we require the speaker to have a proper network connection, audio, and video equipment. Should you need help with any of this, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

You can enter proposals until 2023-04-30 23:59 CEST