Behavior-Driven GUI Test Automation of Qt Applications

Presented by Frerich Raabe, froglogic


As Qt-based applications grow in complexity, so do their graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Manually testing every piece of functionality is tedious at best. Hence, many software projects consider automating at least some of their GUI testing efforts – and rightfully so.

In this presentation, the test automation tool Squish will be used to implement a proven and capable approach to GUI test automation. In particular, attendees will learn how applying the principles of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) to test development can be of great aid with developing and structuring test code.

Frerich Raabe

Frerich FroglogicSoftware engineer working at froglogic since 2005, having spent most of the time since on developing the GUI test automation tool Squish. When he’s not currently building awesome Lego creations with his son, he can typically be found playing video games.



The slides for this presentation can be viewed here…


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