How to breathe new QML life into a QWidget-based app from 2000s

Presented by Vasily Pereverzev, MuseScore


This session will highlight the main pitfalls faced when migrating a classic QWidget-based desktop application and its solutions.

Using the example of our experience in transitioning the MuseScore software, I’ll describe the challenges faced when transforming a design from the 2000s to QtQuick. We’ll also discuss effective strategies for migrating from QWidgets on QML, and cover limitations faced with mixing both systems in a single app and approaches to overcome or even avoid them entirely.

Vasily Pereverzev

My name is Vasily Pereverzev, I’m the Engineering Team-Lead for the MuseScore composition software. Previously, I lead a team of more than 15 people focused on developing mobile applications and experiences using the Qt platform. For the past 6 years, I have been completely absorbed in working with Qt, becoming an especially BIG fan of QML.


View the slides for this presentation here…

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