KDDockWidgets – a framework for custom tailored docking systems

Presented by Sérgio Martins, KDAB


KDDockWidgets was born from my need to preserve sanity after having worked on projects that needed extensive QDockWidget customization. Ashamed from abusing
event filters to hijack mouse events, tired of using Qt private API to implement hacks that would break after a Qt version bump, I’ve decided to write a new framework
that incorporates all our learnings from hacking QDockWidget.

In this presentation, I’ll show you which features are must-haves in modern docking systems, what sets KDDW apart from QDockWidget not only in terms of functionalities but in customization capabilities and code stability too.

Finally, we’ll put KDDW’s extensibility claims to the test and talk about the QtQuick/QML support.

Sérgio Martins

Sergio KDABSérgio has been with KDAB for 10 years, he loves performance profiling, debugging, static-analysis and tooling. You won’t see him writing nice looking GUIs or 3D. He’d rather enjoy tackling a hard problem, frequently embracing the pain of bugs nobody wants, such as HDPI, fonts, QDockWidget and even working on Windows when needed.

Sérgio is also an opensource enthusiast, a KDE developer since 2009, having maintained
KOrganizer for several years and author of Clazy, the static-analyzer for Qt.


The slides for this presentation can be viewed here…


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