Making your desktop applications touch-and-pen proof

Presented by Romain Pokrzywka, Bluescape


Most desktop applications are still primarily designed for mouse and keyboard interactions. But with the increasing popularity of 2-in-1s and other form factors with touchscreens and inking, adding touch and pen input handling to an application can offer valuable new capabilities with little effort.

In this talk, we will first give an overview of the APIs provided by Qt to handle touch and pen input within an existing QtWidget or QML application running on Windows or Linux. We will then present various strategies to complement a mouse-based UI with touch and pen capabilities.

Finally, we will get a sneak peek at some changes and improvements coming to the input stack in Qt6.

Romain Pokrzywka

Romain Bluescape Qt Desktop DaysRomain Pokrzywka is the architect for Bluescape’s native application. He has been developing with Qt for over 15 years on projects spanning desktop, embedded, and mobile platforms, and given several talks at past Qt conferences. He’s also a long term contributor to the Qt Project. He has a passion for innovative user interfaces and elegant software architectures to create unique user experiences. A native from France and former Silicon Valley resident,
he now lives in Austin, in the heart of Texas.


The slides for this presentation can be viewed here…

You can also find more info in this Github repo or watch this promotion video.


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