Presented by Jean-Baptiste Kempf, VideoLAN


VLC is using Qt as its main GUI library since 2009 when it moved to Qt4 and QtWidgets.

Tens years later, we’re changing heavily the interface of VLC, and we’re moving to Qt5 and Qml as our main engine for the interface. The new interface, planned for VLC 4.0 will change the way people interact with VLC.

This talk will trace back our history about VLC and Qt and will explain what we will do on the new interface.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Jean-Baptiste Kempf, VideoLANJean-Baptiste Kempf is the president of the VideoLAN non-profit organization and one of the lead developers of the open-source VLC media player. Jean-Baptiste is a 37-year old French engineer and has been part of the VideoLAN community since 2005. Since then, he has worked on or lead most VideoLAN related projects, including VLC for desktop, the relicensing of libVLC, the ports to mobile operating systems, and various multimedia libraries like libdvdcss or libbluray.

He also created the legal entity of VideoLAN, a French non-profit organization, in 2008.

Jean-Baptiste has also been working in various video-related startups, and founded VideoLabs, a company focusing on open source multimedia technologies.


The slides for this presentation can be viewed here…


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