Using Qt Quick Designer for Desktop Applications

Presented by Shantanu Tushar, KDAB


Developing desktop applications in QML can be very effective – your toolbox will range from bindings to things like state transitions. Programming constructs aside, Qt Creator offers another helpful tool for developing applications in QML – the Qt Quick Designer. Similar to Qt Designer in the widgets world, it allows you to drag’n’drop UI elements and set properties. However, it can do more! You can setup bindings, preview states, and even define animations using keyframes. This can be useful if you need close collaboration with your design team. Apart from quick iterations and the ability to preview your UI, you can even pair with your team’s designer and work on the UI together. This talk will cover effective ways of using Qt Quick Designer and also common pitfalls and limitations.

Shantanu Tushar

Shantanu Tushar KDAB Software DeveloperShantanu has been developing with Qt/C++ since 2009 when he started contributing to various KDE projects as a student. He works as a Software Engineer at KDAB and in the past has been the driving force behind the SoStronk esports desktop application. With a focus on usability, Shantanu loves using QML/Qt Quick to create elegant and enjoyable user interfaces. When not working on UI, you will find him tinkering with DIY electronics and home automation.


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