The “Test Smarter” Approach to Improving Product Quality Using Automated Code Coverage Analysis

Presented by Nicholas Medeiros, froglogic


Instituting aggressive testing can help to ensure product quality, but a blind “test more” strategy can at best result in redundancy, and at worst, result in missed critical code areas that can have cascading consequential effects. Some life-threatening – if not managed.

A structured, “test smarter” approach, using code coverage analysis as a basis, is more appropriate. With a code coverage tool, we can determine how much of our application’s source code has been hit by tests, which additional tests needs to be written, how the test coverage has changed over time, and much more.

During this talk, we’ll introduce froglogic’s cross-platform, cross-compiler toolchain “Coco” for code coverage analysis of your Qt- or QML-based (or any C/C++/C#) application.

  • We’ll explore how you can use Coco to enhance your desktop Qt application’s quality and improve your testing efficiency.
  • We’ll cover our unique support for garnering coverage data from automated GUI testing methods, in a streamlined, automatic manner.
  • Lastly, we’ll focus on safety-critical software applications, for which code coverage takes special meaning before bringing a product to market.

Nicholas Medeiros

Nicholas Medeiros developer froglogicNick joined froglogic Marketing in 2018, following graduate study in computational mechanics and various Application Engineering roles within the software sector. When he’s not blogging for froglogic, he enjoys testing vegan recipes, reading poetry, and modding his Subaru.


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